Why should you become a member of the trading network of the futures?

Why should you become a member of the trading network of the futures?

  • Enjoy Live Trading Scheduled Up To 20 Hours Per Day
  • Engage with Real Traders
  • Attend Daily Hosted Q&A Sharing Sessions
  • Understand How To Mitigate Risk
  • Learn from Professional Guest Speakers
  • Start your Beginner’s Optimal Live Track (BOLT)
  • Access the Trader Creator Knowledge Sharing System
  • Maybe Find An Accountability Buddy or Coach
  • Play Sim Millionaire & Sim Millions Leagues
  • Receive NinjaTrader Lifetime License Discounts
  • Make New Friends at Regional Socials
  • Make Trading Fun Again & Trade Well at FNL!

What can we say about David Jeffries?

Who is this guy that keeps harping on Futures Trading? Making extra money and a $200k career. What does he really want? Why does he use funky terms like the military does? Is he just like these other online trading groups?  Just after my money and moves on to the next mark?

Well, no and no to the last two. The previous questions are answered with my bio below.

David Jeffries.   Former Soldier,  Husband, Father, Grandfather and Businessman.

I am of the opinion that in order to succeed in any profession, you must share and teach. That is the best way to grow a business; prosper and  build relationships.  In my past, I have built and sold 2 successful businesses. Both were built one customer at a time and built on hard work, trust, and value vs price. Plus, I put together a great team to support me with my operations, administration, and logistics.  Through the years;I  found my weakness and my strengths, and I learned where I needed help.

Now, I can spend more time to share my success and at the same time, I continually grow as a trader and grow relationships with fellow traders as we learn together in this awesome group.   My motives are not greed nor money.  I want to share and give as I have been given.  The 2nd law of thermodynamics.  ” For every action, there is an opposite”. etc, etc.   I like to take that further to an old realization of a fundamental law. A law that has held through the ages.

“What goes around, comes around”.   and  said another way;   “Do Unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

I have compassion for my fellow members in uniform. I see our present soldiers, sailors, and airmen.  I am in awe of their skills, their ability, their devotion to the mission at hand and their love for our country. I could only hope to be half as good as they are if I were a soldier in today’s military. After I left the Army, I spent a few years behind the badge and even when I went into business for myself; I kept the lifelong friendships I made in law enforcement.

Now, endless deployments and endless wars  take a toll on even the best.  As you near the end of your time in uniform, you must consider a change. Maybe you retired, or maybe the military is no longer your desire for a career.

Great news!  Change can be a good thing. Don’t be skeered. There is life after deployments and life after the badge.

Don’t take life so seriously, no one gets out alive!

My picture taking hat.


At some point, you will find your life is changing and you have to roll with the punches or get knocked around pretty badly as the waves of time get rough and rougher.

Getting younger is not an option. Getting old is the best option, but it comes with conditions. (read the fine print:)

When that time comes, look at what we do here in the FNL trading group and understand it is a chance to start over and start bigger than ever. If you want to earn extra money or re-start your career with  great pay increase, then you can learn how with an awesome group of people that are committed to each other and learn together.  On patrol or on deployment; a battle buddy or your patrol partner is a must. We recommend one for trading also.

One of the changes after my short retirement was to take up a camera and learn to operate a modern DLSR camera.  Let me tell you, futures trading is not as hard as many of the new cameras and software you need to operate at a professional level. I only learned as fast as I did with help from others that share my passion for great photos.  And, I write this because I want to give you the opportunity that you may never have seen coming. The opportunity that you dreamed of but could not imagine for yourself.  Please check it out. It costs nothing to have a look-see. Come and see how an old soldier/businessman (or women) can make a butt load of money.

Well, that last statement was just for grins. We do care and we can show you a great opportunity, but only if you care also. What goes around………  Visit my Instagram here.

Please take a look at Futures Networks Live. I think it will help you define new goals as to your financial future. The futures trading school we operate is unique in the industry. We not only offer basic training but intermediate and master/advanced training strategies and an end to end education solution. Let us design a course for you so that you can face the future with confidence.

Contact us!   You won’t regret your choice. If this is not for you, we will help you make that decision. Not everyone can take this path to success. If this fits you (and we can tell in a few short minutes) then we will let you in to see our private training sessions.